Sunday, 23 October 2011

Artist Of The Week.

I'm featured as 'Artist of the Week' in Art Of England magazine here: 
This is the painting I was working on in the video; I'm not sure it's finished yet but it is well on its way. I've put it on the wall in the gallery so that I can live with it for a while.


  1. A lovely, and curiously English interview - with beautiful paintings too. What a talent! You must be very pleased.

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  3. Nice. Visit my blog you will find interesting post about a contemporary painter. Frances

  4. In answer to your last question on my post at The Dabbler, David - I found sitting for a portrait much harder work than I'd imagined! I was very happy with the end result though - the portrait seems a little different from the artist's usual style too. Do you feel the need to keep your subject entertained when you are painting a portrait? You must have had some interesting conversations?

  5. Hi Susan, I was interested to hear that you found sitting quite hard work. What I've learned over the years of painting people is that they contribute hugely to the process, yet, like light split through a prism, although the workload is shared it is not halved - another role appears which is not present in the painting of a landscape for instance.....odd!
    I don't think I try to entertain my sitters as they already have enough to do, but each has told me that they have gained something whilst sitting.
    Late reply due to foul cold! Hope you are in better health.


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