Tuesday, 6 September 2011


The print section at David Stead Gallery is expanding rapidly and the very nature of watercolour allows me to produce work quickly. Animals and birds are always popular and some new images have gone off to the printers; they will be available through the gallery and online soon.
I will also be introducing a range of greetings cards with many of the images currently available only as prints


  1. ooh these are so cute - and a great gift idea for an animal lover. I'm curious to know how much these sell for?

    Btw, I was in Hope Cove - Inner Hope down by the seafront. Lots of fish and fresh air!

  2. Ah...Morning Susan, You're up and at it early! Erm - prints will sell for about £20, hopefully just under (they're not back from the printer yet so haven't done a full costing). Glad you like 'em.

    Hope Cove - lovely little beach - I used to live not too far away in Totnes so know it well.


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